About Us



Lundell Electric is a local licensed and bonded electrician with eighteen years experience. Dan Lundell was raised on a dairy farm in Minnesota, where he learned the value of hard work and long hours. This served him well in the HVAC and electrical construction industries, where he worked for eighteen years before obtaining his own electrical licensed in 2006.

We offer residential, commercial and industrial electrical work in Central Phoenix and the East Valley. Customer satisfaction, quality, and safety are the three pinnacles upon which we base our business model. 


Why Choose Us?

We offer residential installation or repair, security and ambient lighting, circuit panel, outlets, ceiling fans, whole house wiring, and pools. Commercial signage, maintenance programs, upgrades, motors and controls, parking lot lighting, and dedicated computer circuits. Industrial solar/photovoltaic systems, battery backup, appliance circuits, code corrections and emergency egress lighting.



Reviews are an integral part of our business, since it's  one of the measures by which we gauge customer satisfaction. When a customer is happy, we're glad to hear it; when a customer is unhappy, it gives us an opportunity to find ways to improve our business. Since customer satisfaction is one of the pinnacles of our business model, we strive to provide excellent service to each and every customer who calls us.